Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunday Driving and Furniture Shuffling

On the route to Shawville, there is this spot past Aylmer that sells antiques in an old barn (what is it with me and barns full of antiques??). Anyways, the view from the barn door is beautiful.

He said he's acquired a few new old things since I've been in last. I bought a wicked Kelly green purse the last time I was in. There wasn't anything I was falling over myself to acquire this time, though, so I picked up a cute, vintage book and a tin. Can never have too many tins!
I also spent some time on Saturday shuffling things around the apartment. I really need something to cover those awful phone cords! But I like what I did with the wicker corner shelf. I had it in the kitchen, but I had to make room for the bread box!

This is the sweet little flour sifter I picked up on Holiday Monday at the antique barn in Campbell's Bay. I love it!

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