Sunday, August 2, 2009

There's Firemen on the Roof!

When I was home from school in the summer, I worked for the Ottawa Super Ex as a secretary. The grounds were really large and used by several different sports groups. There were large stadium seating, old buildings... it was fun. Especially when the Ottawa Fire Department used the stadium to train the firemen to scale structures with rope. Oh, it was beautiful!

Well, yesterday, I saw firemen on the roof of a different kind. A friend of my step dad's needed some roof repairs, and since they all belong to the Shawville Clarendon Volunteer Fire Department, there were many pitching in to help out. This time, it wasn't the firemen of my dreams. There were too many beer guts and plumber's butts for it to be the firemen of my dreams. And they're all married. And I know them all. It really takes away from the fireman fantasy when you know them all.

But we also had a little yard sale. That was fun.

I thought I'd be polite and not show the real photos of the men on the roof. I don't want to cause blindness in my readers.

And after the yard sale was over, the kids began to play. I think I see some young love blossoming!

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