Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vintage Gift Tags

I came across these lovely tags, still in their original packaging, in one of my grandmother's photo albums. The thick paper, the perforated lines around the tags, the charming images - it's my idea of how things should be: cute and simple.

I remember, years ago, going through boxes of cards that my grandmother had kept. She's a bit of a pack rat that way. I didn't realize that my appreciation for vintage stationery went back that far, but indeed it does. I can remember being in elementary school and wanting to spend weekends at my grandparents' house because that meant I could sleep in the yellow room, with all sorts of treasures in the dresser drawers. And sleep beneath a silky bedspread bedecked with yellow roses and blue ribbon.

Can you trace back to the moment your passion for something began?


Being Samantha said...

Hey M.

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pve design said...

yes, loved visiting my Grandma and remember her home.
brings back tons of memories.