Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And the Devil Take the Rest

"...let me have only the company of the people I love, let me only be where I like and with whom I like, and the devil take the rest, say I." -- Northanger Abbey

This quote is especially true in my life these days. I got cornered by a woman this past weekend demanding to know why I don't speak to her or any of her ilk anymore. I told her that after she sat me down one day, over two years ago, and told me most viciously that my grandfather must have been a homosexual, I couldn't stand the sight of her. She made light of that comment, that it was just a joke, but anyone that I've mentioned this to thinks that saying something so heinous is not anywhere near comical.

I used to be very close with this family. In essence, they were an adopted family when times were rather tough in my life. But looking back, I have learned that they were more of a poison than anything - that most stress in my life had come from their meddling. I was good to get out when I did.

So when I read this quote tonight, I thought of the people in whose company I keep. I've weeded out a lot of different company in the last couple of years - work, friends, pseudo-family - and I must say that what remains, what I haven't sent to "the devil," is pretty darn good.

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