Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holstein Show at the Shawville Fair

Well, the Shawville Fair is all over for another year. I came out of retirement to help out with my family's cattle this year. I haven't worked with cattle in about 5-6 years, and forgot how much I liked it.

Every group that shows puts a little display about where the animals are tied. Every year, the display gets judged - and ours won this year - Yippee! My aunt did work pretty hard at it.

Cousin Sarah hugging Avril, the three year old, who placed 3rd in her class.

My uncle Paul holding the feisty cow, Bea.
Here's cousin Kyle getting a trophy for being the Best Young Holstein Exhibitor this year. He really worked his butt off this year and just did an amazing job. I can't believe the awesome young man that he's grown into.

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