Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kathy Reichs' Latest Release

I bought this on Saturday, finished it on Sunday, and it's taken me a couple days to write about it, but it's almost Shawville Fair time, so what can you expect? I've been busy, to say the least.

Ok, I will admit that Reichs' earlier books were much better. They just felt less rushed. The stories were really well developed, not as predictable. Now, I'm not saying that Reichs is becoming predictable and I'm going to stop reading her novels - oh no! - but I will admit that they just aren't as good as the first few books. And because she always throws an unpredictable twist, her unpredictability is becoming, well, predictable. But this will not stop me from buying her latest book as soon as it comes out. She's the only author that I buy brand new - usually I'll wait until it's been out for a bit and can get it in the discount bin or second hand shop.

I still loved the book. I love how as the story builds to its climax, I'm reading faster and faster. It's very cinematic - perhaps that's why Temperance Brennan has made such a good tv character. And I'm happy that Andrew Ryan is back in the picture - I've always rooted for him, even when Reichs made him a douche. So the book made me a happy Temperance Brennan fan. I love that some of her stories are set in Montreal - my old stomping ground - it just makes it that much closer to me.

Anyways, busy weekend ahead, so I won't be posting probably for a few days, but will have much to share when I'm back, no doubt.


Su said...

Maybe I'll pick up this series again. I think I dropped it because something upset me.... I can't remember exactly what.

Aya Smith said...

It sounds very interesting... and actually, I have been on a search for a good book lately.. hm, thank you for the review :)