Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Little Mother"

I found this book in a flea market earlier this summer, and I have to say, it's such a sweet little story. I love vintage books, and this one comes from the early 1900s. What I love most about it are the illustrations. There aren't many, but they are so lovely. I looked up the author on the web, but couldn't find much to her name. The book isn't worth much either, but it's still a lovely addition to my growing collection!

I believe the caption under this illustration is "Are you still working, Little Mother," said by the father to his daughter in red, who is busy sewing.


Talon said...

I love the old books with the illustrations. This looks to be a lovely one, Melissa. One of my favorite things is to scout out old books. I love the language, too. Formal and beautiful.

CoatMan said...

That is delightful! And Talon is very right about the beauty of formality.