Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Miranda's Vines

The world conspired against me when I went looking for a decently large picture to post... alas, this is not the same cover as the book I read, but it's the largest picture I could find. This was a short book, but very dense. I took my time reading it, savouring it. I'd like to read her debut novel, 'True North,' next since this one was so good.
Miranda Perry moves from her Executive Chef job in San Francisco back home to Oregon after the death of her father, who owned a vineyard with some neighbours. Her best friend comes to live with her after a devastating accident in Alaska. She takes in an illegal immigrant after she finds her shivering and sick in one of her barns. One would assume that there is too much to write about in such a short novel, but it was well written. The kind of story that makes you want to go out and live on a vineyard because of all the interesting characters that could be found there.

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Stephenie said...

Hey dear, how are you!!! Hope you're doing well.. This book sounds like some good reading.. I might have to buy this one..