Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Up in the Air

I just haven't been up to blogging lately, so I thought I'd post that I'm taking a short break to straighten some things out and nurse a heart ache. Should be back to posting as usual in a few days.


Talon said...

Melissa, sorry to hear about your heart being hurt. Hope the things you need to sort out fall into place easily.

Sara said...

Melissa -- It's good to take yourself. I can identify with you right now. I am also taking a short break for a different reason, but one meant to take care of myself.

I love your site very much!

When I feel really sad, I try to keep reminding myself that I've survived many difficult times. The phrase that helps me is "This too shall pass." Be good to yourself:~)

Barbara said...

When people hurt you, just remember that God loves you and a lot of other people are there for you too... Your friends and family and your bloggy friends are behind you and think you are a very cool, brilliant, talented person. Later, when someone else comes into your life, you will be humming line in the song, "God bless the broken road that sent me straight to you..."
Sending a biiiiiiig hug, Auntie Barb

CoatMan said...

A heartache? I'm very sorry to hear that - that is never fun. Very best wishes for getting over that! Lots of sweet, romantic films - that works well, I find.