Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

I read this book in the spring before I started blogging regularly about my reading, but a friend of mine just read it and said something pretty profound that I wanted to share:

"I loved the story and the way one decision takes a stranglehold on all of the different lives. I like the idea that a decision or a moment in time can have such a profound impact on life."
This is one of those powerful books that leaves a lasting impact on your life as a reader. It's a novel that deals with decisions and human motivations. We make decisions everyday without considering the impact they may impart. We make decisions based on our motivations - good and misbegotten. What if, in twenty years, you see the repercussions of a decision you made? What if you could have changed the tragic trajectory of your life by making a different choice? It is questions like these that affect one of the main characters, and we have the insight into his motivations that the other characters lack. In a sense, we become judges of his life, but our impartiality is compromised by the intense love we cannot help but feel for his daughter.

This is a novel everyone should read. I also recommend NOT watching the movie as it is very poorly done, although there are great actors in it.


Unseen Rajasthan said...

This seems to be a wonderful novel !! Will surely try this one..Thanks for sharing.

Talon said...

Sounds like a really interesting concept. I'll add it to my Christmas wish list.