Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin

I made the most amazing pork tenderloin last night and it really must be shared! I never follow a specific recipe for cooking like this. I just add whatever I have on hand that I think will taste alright.

So, for the liquid, I wanted to make a sort of spicy, bbquey (yep, it's a word, take my word for it!) sauce, so I took out some No Name brand BBQ sauce - about a cup worth - and cut it with water and vinegar. I added a generous amount of freshly cracked pepper. I like my pepper very coarsely cracked. The flavour is so much better! I also added some Worcestershire sauce and parsley. When I make liquid like this, I mix it together in a separate bowl so that it's well mixed before adding it to the crock pot. I poured it over the top of the meat, then I added some carrots and potatoes. If I make this in the future, I'll probably cook the potato in the microwave for a few minutes first because it wasn't cooked enough. I did all of this when I came home from work last night, setting the slow cooker on high. It was ready in an hour and a half.

And the leftovers were delish too!


lifechick said...

Way to make people who don't cook hungry! LOL

Talon said...

I love my slow cooker. I'll try this out. And bbquey is definitely a word :)

CoatMan said...

Creative cooking? I like that! That looks delicious.

Barbara said...

You are a good cook too? You are one talented gal! I gotta try this! It looks delicious..:p