Thursday, October 15, 2009


I did this little sketch a long time ago. I used a picture on a birthday card that I really liked. There was something so free in the girl's expression - hanging upside down, carefree, cut loose but tethered, potentially dangerous but exhilarating.

I finally cut the connection between me and the 'Cold, Cold Heart.' It was tough, but I felt as though I was tethered to a hindrance. I could swing out, but I could see the potential danger and it wasn't worth it. There is a song that's been on the radio a lot lately, and a line in the chorus says: "if you want fire, it better me worth the burn." This just wasn't.


Su said...

I LOVE the drawing, Melissa.

And bravo re: cold, cold, heart

Talon said...

I had my comment all set to go and it vaporized! So I'll try again.

That is a lovely drawing - you captured the mood perfectly.

From everything I've read you seem a loving, warm woman who deserves the same in return. You can't change people - but you can change your reaction to them and I'm glad you did.

Have a terrific weekend, Melissa!