Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things That Go Bump in the Night

I woke up this morning at 3:45am to the most ungodly sound coming from my cat. I thought to myself, this is it, she's dying. Then I heard her scramble across the floor and mewl some more. I called her over, but didn't come. She then races into my room and crashes into the closet, and now I think: Great, she has chosen my closet as her place to die. But then I see it. She's chasing something. There is a tiny dark shadow in front of her. Now, I'm no chicken - I grew up on a farm and have seen all manner of tiny creepy shadows - so I turn on the light, find my slippers and go and investigate.

It's a mouse.

When we lived on the farm, every Fall we'd get mice in the house. It was a common occurrence. In fact, I remember my brothers playing with a mouse once and using a toilet plunger to catch it, push down, and watch the mouse fly into the air. I think our then house cat took care of that mouse shortly after.

So, knowing that Ruby was not dying, I left her to do her "flight of the bumblebee" routine (so named because she runs about the house like a bee stung her arse) and either chase the mouse away, or have a late night snack.

Many apologies if I've offended any mouse-rights activists.


ali said...

We had mice in our house too.
I live in the country also, so I can relate. Unfortunately, we did not have an indoor cat to catch the mice. I often awoked to their murmuring in my closet and would proceed to throw pens and pencils or whatever I could reach on my desk at them to make them go away.
I guess you can say that I am scared of mice, and am not looking forward to the cold and the mice.

Talon said...

Must be the season. One of my cats adores catching mice and bringing them home to show off his prowess. Thankfully, he keeps them out of the house. He was yowling last night at the sliding door - the sort of cry that I know involves a mouth full of dead something. I ignore him and scoop up the remains later so the dogs don't find it. UGH!

Michelle said...

We had mice really bad over the summer and my cat was in heaven. She's an indoors-only cat since she was a stray when I got her and she used to get lost all the time, so I think she liked pretending she was a wild cat again for a little while.

CoatMan said...

An episode of Tom & Jerry in your own house? Excellent!

lifechick said...

Having no cat, I'm on my own in the mouse-catching, and not nearly as good at it!

pve design said...

We had them in NY City! Country Mouse, Town Mouse!