Sunday, November 29, 2009

Afternoon Sunlight

It's an inside joke in my family that my grandmother, who is an accomplished artist, can only really paint 'old gray buildings.'  Now, this isn't true - she can really paint anything, but one of her favourite subjects is falling down, old buildings.  In a post earlier this fall, I posted 'feral houses' and that's an idea that I love.  Something that was once so tame left to grow wild.  Something that had an everyday purpose now left to rot from misuse.


Talon said...

There's syncronicity in the blogging world as I posted a picture of an old fallen down building yesterday.

I love them too. There's something about old buildings that speak to me.

Your photographs are gorgeous!

CoatMan said...

Those are beautiful photographs, especially the second. I love the composition there. The phrase "feral houses" is rather wonderful, too.

I remember when I went on holiday to Ireland recently, there were some old abandoned houses there that I found enchanting (and of which I took several photographs each).