Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Image taken by me, Fall 2008

This evening, I was working with a student whose parents are teaching him new vocab words.  Perhaps you remember this post about my attractiveness??  Anyways, today's list of words had a very religious tone to them: merciful, compassion, confess.  He asked me questions about God, and our dialogue went something like this:

Student: Sometimes I talk to God when I'm in my room, but I don't know how he hears me.

Me: Well, God is a spirit, and he is everywhere, so he hears you no matter where you are.

Student: Really?  I thought God was just in my room.

And it gets better.  We were having a conversation, and I was acting like an ass to see if he could catch me not paying attention to him, and tell me to smarten up.  He didn't, but afterwards, when I asked him about it, he had this to say:

Student: You weren't paying attention to me when I was talking to you.  That wasn't very polite.

Me: How come you didn't say something to me?

Student: Well, my brain was thinking one thing, but my mouth was saying another.

Me: Oh really?  What was that?

Student: Well, my mouth was talking about the topic we were talking about, but my brain was talking to God asking Him to forgive you for not paying attention because you're still a good person.

I swear...  I couldn't make something that hilarious up!


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