Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rebirth of the Rectory

This article was in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper today about our church's rectory, how it was renovated for our new minister.  What is missing from the story is this brilliant and eloquent quote from Jenn, who was in charge of the project:

"When our fore-father's built this rectory, they did so by making do with what they had.  Now it's up to us, in our bounty, to at least keep up what was left to us."

She really is as amazing as she sounds!  Here's the link to the story: Rebirth of the Rectory


Welcome Home said...

I think it takes a very special soul to remain faithful to an historic building while adding modern day needs.

Great post.

ali said...

What a great story.
The building interior looks amazing as well.

Maggie May said...