Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Image taken by me, November 2009

For a new (and cheap) vintage sofa (yep, I'm still SO freakin excited about it!)

For readers that have discovered (and shared) my fictional stories with other bloggers (thanks so much Sara!)

For (brackets)  :)

For quiet afternoons

For upcoming, quiet weekends

For warm cuddles on the couch with a soft blanket and a furry cat

For students that pick up a marker and write for the first time

For blog awards (thanks Ali!)

For good books

For good friends


Unseen Rajasthan said...

Wow What a nice shot !!Unseen Rajasthan

Adriana said...

quiet afternoons and good books, yes please :)

Talon said...

Enjoy your cat snuggles on the sofa!

Sara said...

Melissa -- You're very nice and I appreciate your words of thanks. This is a good idea for those of us in the States, especially with Thanksgiving around the corner.

I liked the "For brackets...that's no surprise since I always sign off using them :~)

I also love the warm cuddles on the couch with the furry cat. That one I am also very thankful for...when my cat will climb in my lap!

This a great list and a great idea:~)

Kate said...

I agree with the cuddles and the cat. I want a cat!

Anna said...

wow that picture reminds me of my family farm. love it!