Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In My Head by Anna Nalick

So this post has a lot to do with dating, and how some songs just seem to get played when I need them most.  And sometimes you need to hear certain voices when you are feeling certain feelings.  Like when I'm feeling angry at the world, I like to listen to Kathleen Edwards.  As I was driving home tonight, I flicked on the cd player in the car, and this song came on, and it mirrors how I feel about my current situation.  I wonder if truly he is as beautiful as I believe in my head?  I thought things were great, but then I've realized that they really aren't.  So I'm back to square one for the (insert hyperbolic statement here) time.

But isn't Anna Nalick great??? 

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Talon said...

Lovely song. It's great when a song mirrors what you're feeling. And sort of extra nice because it reminds us that others have felt exactly the same before. Small comfort sometimes, but still comforting...