Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's Almost Hanukkah, Charlie Brown

Tonight was our work Holiday Season Teacher Get-Together.  It was the most amazing evening.  We went to a professional kitchen where we could get our hands goopy as sous-chefs making ourselves a gourmet meal.  What a terrific idea for a Holiday Get-Together!  And the meal was so delish!  Grilled Caesar  Salad with toasted Parmesan dressing, creamy coleslaw, beer-battered fish, and oven baked potato wedges.  It was a gourmet twist on a typical family meal.

Before we started cooking, one of my coworkers said to me: "we are so lucky," and she didn't need to explain one bit what she meant.  We really are so lucky.  How many people have the kind of job where they have such chemistry with their coworkers?  How many people can say that their workplace inspires them to be better women, better people? 

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Jaime said...

It is so great to have good co-workers- I really don't like my job, but I love the girls I work with- it really makes things much more bearable!