Friday, December 25, 2009

My Special Christmas Gift

This photo really doesn't do it justice - it's much shinier in real life!

This past February, when we went to Florida, I bought one of those oysters that you can have opened, and they take out the pearl for you.  My mom did it as well, and had her pearl made into a pendant, but I decided to hang on to my pearl until I found the perfect thing to set it into. 

Well, about two months before Christmas, my mother asked me if I'd like to have my pearl set into the engagement ring my father bought her.  I said that would be the perfect thing I've been waiting for.  So here it is.  My special pearl ring.

Merry Christmas!


Su said...

It's lovely!

Merry Christmas, Melissa.

CoatMan said...

That is a very pretty ring!

Cee said...

ohhh that's so pretty, and meaningful! What a lovely gift!