Monday, December 21, 2009

Petite Anglaise by Catherine Sanderson

A lot of people ask me if I really do read through books as fast as I do... I think it's because I have several on the go at once.  As one book becomes more interesting, I'll set aside the other to get more involved in the former.  That's what happened with Petite Anglaise and Light on Snow.  I had started Petite first, but once I picked up the other, it was hard to put down.  I finished Sanderson's book today.

I first picked this book up at Chapters because the author is a blogger, and Petite Anglaise is her memoir of living, loving and blogging in Paris.  I read the whole thing before even thinking to check into her blog, before even researching more about the author.  It turns out Sanderson has a very interesting blog: Petite Anglaise, although she has been blogging less and less since the books have become popular.

I loved the story for its honesty.  She used her blog as an emotional outlet, taking care to ensure anonymity, but foremost, her blog was a way to put herself out there at a time when she felt very closed in.  I also disliked the story for its honesty.  At times I wanted to reach through the pages and give her a shake - but I think my emotional response to her writing says more about the quality of her writing ability than my criticism!

I think this is a great book whether you're a blogger or not.  It's a true story, and at the end, it does have a happy-ish ending.

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