Saturday, December 12, 2009

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

I had read one of Giffin's books a long time ago, I think it might have been "Baby Proof."  It was good, but I must have forgotten how good her writing is!  This story was hard to put down.  I really got wrapped up in the story, the characters, the turmoil, the drama that only Chick-Lit can provide!  Sometimes one has to live vicariously through novels!

So the premise of the book is that Rachel is the maid of honor for her best friend, but she is long time friends with the groom, and after a drunken party, the groom-to-be and maid of honor hook up and realize they love each other after all.  Their affair ensues, and all that drama.  Giffin's writing is so engaging, though.  She doesn't make it weepy, but...  I really can't think of another word except 'engaging.'  I was totally engrossed in this book!  Very hard to put down.


Anna said...

i love love love these books! her book after this "Something Blue" is great too. Its more from Darcy's perspective.

Megara said...

sounds like great holiday reading... i love light, engaging reads like this for time off!
xo meg

Lpeg said...

If you loved that one, definitely check out "Something Blue." I never thought I'd be able to sympathize with Darcy... but somehow, you do!

Also - I found Petite Anglaise a few years back, and ended up buying the book. It was a good read, although I do not tend to read her blog anymore.

Also - I'm new here, but have you checked out any of Katie Ffjorde's books? My favorite in particular is "Practically Perfect" - quick, easy read, but highly entertaining!