Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Hidden Woman

Photo from Flickr by turboalieno

Today's Simple Abundance essay is a very short one about the "sadness that women suffer that has no name."  Ban Breathnach suggests that women are missing the woman that they are meant to be: their authenticity.  Now, I agree that sometimes I wish I could be more in tune with that inner voice that's telling me to exercise more, wear the black suit instead of the grey, smile at the stranger in the grocery store, etc and so on... But would I go so far as to call it "melancholy" as she does?  Nope. 

I think sometimes women get caught up in being told to be more authentic, when the lives they're actually living are fine as they are.  It's easy to be over analytical in the 'self-help' age.  It's easy to over think and over thinking is definitely something women are all too familiar with - myself included. 

So maybe the hidden woman isn't buried beneath layers of daily routines.  Maybe she is the daily routines and we're missing the forest for trying to see the trees?  Sometimes trying too hard gets us nothing but a sweaty shirt.

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