Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Love New Zealanders, or How I Became a Teacher

Photo of Mt. Taranaki, New Zealand

My very first student was a New Zealander.  He was the most charming, special, amazing person I have ever met.  I was pretty sad when they left Canada, but 2 weeks ago they came back!  I went out to visit them tonight, and was greeted by a big hug and an excited hello.  It was a great moment.

My first student taught me a lot - and the more I learn in this job, the more I reflect on those early days with him.  I was reliant on my own intuition with him. I researched different teaching methods.  I wrote my very first behaviour program for him.  It wasn't all easy street - teaching rarely is - but some of my first moments of joy as a teacher happened while teaching him.  That's a pretty special connection.

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