Monday, January 4, 2010

Permission to be a Diva

The title of today's essay in Simple Abundance is the well-used cliche "Life Isn't a Dress Rehearsal."  And no, I'm not taking that to mean I plan on being a Diva in the Celine Dion/Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston sense of the word.  They take Diva-ness to a whole different, and completely inappropriate level - sorry to all those Dion/Carey/Houston fans! 

Ban Breathnach asks her readers to evaluate the quality of our daily journeys.  Am I returning home from work a happy woman?  Did I leave for work with a happy attitude?  Did I put the extra effort into doing something for myself today that goes the extra mile for my happiness?  Sometimes it's as simple as putting on lipstick before stepping out for the day.  It could also be as complex as making a meal worthy of the good china - even if it's only for myself. 

The idea that a person is unconsciously going through the motions of daily life and only putting effort into it when there's an "audience" is the basis to the "dress rehearsal" cliche.  It made me look back at all the times I mindlessly flow through my routines without a second thought or extra effort:

-slapping the snooze button instead of bolting from bed to watch the morning news and weather reports
-grabbing a coffee on the go instead of making my own at home that's 10 times yummier
-gravitating to the same colours of clothing instead of experimenting with the bright and patterned
-rubbing clear lip balm on instead of smoothing on uplifting colour

I even thought about some of the activities I'm doing with my students - sometimes it's easy to whip together an activity that is tried and true rather than testing out something new that could backfire.  This is something that I try to tackle on a daily basis: come up with one or two new things to do with my students.  Who knew I could be a Teaching Diva!  I've also been wearing a lot of colourful scarves lately, and putting a rosy-coloured lipstick in my purse.

What are some of your mindless routines? What are you giving yourself permission to be a diva about?

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Cee said...

I did/do the lipstick thing... except I do this bright red vampy thing. (it's actually twilight branded, i kid you not - looks like i just sucked blood) I must admit, i love it! I feel pretty hardcore when I put it on and I have an extra swing in my step! (no, it's not from my wearing of heels through the snow/ice and slipping)

ps. LOVE - super psyched for you know what! ;)