Thursday, January 7, 2010

Best Case Scenario Me

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Tonight I read two of the most amazing posts: Yes and Yes and The Naked Redhead each talked about their "Best Case Scenario Me" or BCSM.  You know when you're in some crazy-stupid situation, and you can't think of what to do so you try to emulate a friend or a sassy celebrity?  Well, rather than try to be someone else, you should just be yourself - but not just any yourself... yourself in the best case scenario.
So this made me ponder about what the BCSM is like.  The Naked Redhead came up with a great list of things that her BCSM will and won't tolerate.  I know one thing I'd like my BCSM does: have a witty quip everytime someone says something stupid - kinda like a Bill Engvall "Here's Your Sign" moment.
A couple years ago, I did get the chance to have a BCSM that was pretty awesome.  In my sorority days, there was always this one girl who was like the ring leader of the catty club.  She was like a character from that movie, "Mean Girls:"  nice to your face but couldn't wait til your back was turned.  Well, several years after school, I was volunteering in the alumnae chapter by making their newsletter, and well, the devil reared her head.  She called me up in the middle of the night and demanded I send her the newsletter.  Even though she woke me up in the middle of the night, it was like she woke up my BCSM.  After a moment of stunned silence, I very sweetly asked her if she realized what time it was.  I then told her that I no longer kept college girl hours, and didn't want to hear from her in the middle of the night even if she were on fire or dying.  (Now, I'm not sure where I came up with on fire or dying but come on...  I finally got the chance to say something snarky to the girl who took snark to a whole new level.)
It was a sassy moment, but I didn't raise my voice, which means I think I stayed pretty classy.  And I think that's something that my BCSM is really persnickety about.  She can be sassy but keep things classy.
What about you?

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