Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Year of Simple Abundance

I picked up this book in the summer, and found it tough to get into midway through the year.  So, I brought it home for the holidays, and plan to read through day by day.  And, I also figure a good way to keep with it is to blog about the things I'm reading and learning.

On New Year's Eve, I went through a post on Zen Habits about finding your passion.  I mean, I already know I'm passionate about teaching, and that's going to be my number one focus this year, but when I was coming up with my lists of things I love - I discovered there were a few other things that I want to delve into this year.  I want to paint and sketch more. 

The premise of the first two entries of this book is to believe in your capabilities and take a leap of faith into them; and also to learn which questions to ask about yourself to discover what your capabilities are.  There is this beautiful quote about the New Year: "Time is the New Year's bountiful blessing: three hundred sixty-five bright mornings and starlit evenings; fifty-two promising weeks; twelve trans formative months full of beautiful possibilities; and four splendid seasons."  Do changes happen overnight? Nope.  That's what Ban Breathnach means in that quote.  Questioning never ends, and neither does learning.

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