Monday, February 1, 2010

Love Letters

I watched the most amazing television special last night on the CBC called "Love Letters."  It featured real-life couples, both of whom are actors, playing vignettes of the play, "Love Letters" by AR Gurney, and also featuring the actors' own commentary on love, life, making relationships work.  It was such a beautiful production.  The play was heart-breaking, the acting was top-notch.  It was really interesting to see Jason Jones and Samantha Bee show their more serious side.  It made me want to whip out all my stationary and start writing letters to friends far and wide.  I love hand-writing letters.  I don't do it nearly enough.

2 comments: said...

love letters are the best!

Sara said...

Melissa -- I didn't get to see that show, but I would have liked it. I love letters, but I don't write them anymore, which is kind of a shame.

One of my favorite "love" letters came when I was in high school. The guy wrote, "no matter what anyone else says, you're nice and I like you." I still have it in my box of mementos:~)