Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spending Hiatus

For the past two weeks, I've participated in a "Spending Hiatus" that has been featured on Simple Lovely's blog.  She's doing a great job of keeping everyone motivated, and it's been a great help.  I have to say that I've done not too badly.  I've just come out of a long weekend which was spent at home - far away from the temptation of the city.  My weaknesses are the thrift shops where I can pick up cheap books, coffee shops, and magazines. 

Now, the spending hiatus is until April 1st, and the idea is that you only spend on essentials - the groceries, the bills, the stuff that you just have to spend on.  But all the little extras...  they can wait.  I'm hoping to save enough to take a little vacation this summer.  We'll see.  Cross your fingers!


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

eep! I'm not sure if I could do this but I think it is a great idea! Keep up the great work!

Cee said...

ummm... is a little funding to re-create a summer of fun moment in one glorious night in march a necessity? I sure hope it is!!!

Melissa said...

well, food and drink are necessities... duh!