Saturday, March 6, 2010

Purse Strings

Image from James Reekie Illustration - totally check out his awesome creations!

So how's my spending hiatus going, you ask?  Swimmingly, I reply!  I've been pretty driven to keep the purse strings tight because I've got my eye on that trip east.  It also helps that I told some of my co-workers about it, who are very encouraging and awesome.  I really, seriously, honest-to-God bought nothing this week!  And I'm so proud!  Not gonna lie and say when I finished my last Jane Austen Mystery that I didn't want to run out and buy a couple more.  But I got over it, and I've got a couple other books on the go.  According to Simple Lovely, who is inspiring the spending hiatus, she's going to finish on April 1st.  I know that's when I'll be officially done, but I think I've learned some pretty valuable lessons that will stay with me.

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