Friday, April 16, 2010

Five Senses Friday

I read on  someone else's blog somewhere along my travels this interesting theme for Fridays: the Five Senses.  So, I thought I would reveal what I'm "sensing" this evening!

Touching: I bought this body cream on sale and use it so sparingly.  It's a very strong scent, but I love how it feels on!  Creams and shower gels are one of my not-so-guilty pleasures.  I love them!

Looking: at my beautiful gerbera daisies that I bought myself after a tough day at work.  To be very honest, I would have bought them anyways cause lately I've been keeping fresh flowers in the apartment.  It brightens my mornings and soothes my evenings.

Tasting: this fantastic wine mixed with a little cranberry juice so I don't get too tipsy.  Although that could make for some interesting blogging!

Hearing: some tunes by Brandi Carlile.  I love her song called "The Story."

Smelling: the scent of the amber lavender candle.  It's subtle and relaxing.

And there you have it - my typical Friday evening.  Good sights, sounds, tastes, smells and feels.  Maybe it's a little self-indulgent, but why the heck not?

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Su said...

Why the heck not?
Love the gerbera daisies. That a great idea. We should all do that more often!