Monday, April 5, 2010


Maybe it's a little premature, but I couldn't resist when I saw flats of pansies for sale at the grocery store this afternoon.  I love pansies, and I love yellow... it was just meant to be.  And pansies are very hardy, so I don't feel too bad about planting them now.  At least they're in a planter that I can bring inside should there be frost in the evening - but let's face it - Ottawa reached 20C today... I think the threat of frost is a thing of pre-global-warming.  Now, excuse me while I enjoy a cup of coffee, the afternoon sunshine, and a good magazine from the vantage of my be-flowered balcony.

1 comment:

Su said...

I love it!
I'm enjoying every bit of this great weather as well.
Here's hoping it will last! :)