Saturday, May 1, 2010

Belated Five Senses Friday

I think I missed the last Five Senses Friday, so I figured I owed a really good post this time.

I have the most amazing sheets.  They're a mix of bamboo and cotton and are so soft and sleek.  They're this beautiful creamy pink colour and I just love slipping in between the sheets after they've just been laundered.

One of my fave shower gels.  It's got a surprisingly strong scent and it lasts quite a long time.  It even over-powers the cream I put on after the shower.  But it's not an obnoxiously strong scent.  It's quite lovely and clean.

I just discovered this really great blog called sfgirlbybay.  The photography is amazing, and I love the design posts she does.  It's very inspiring!

I went out last night for my first restaurant sushi experience.  I've only had sushi once before, and it was about 7 years ago, homemade with a group of friends.  Last night was a girly evening at a sushi bar, and I tried the most amazing avocado roll.  I think I've converted to loving sushi.

I'm loving this newish country band.  They've got some great tunes out there, and I'm especially loving their song called "Guinevere".  I posted about it on a music post a couple weeks ago.  But seriously, all their songs are well worth a listen.  Everything is great - how many newish country bands can boast that song-writing cred!

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