Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Evening Rituals

Lately, I've been so content - like my life has this beautiful pattern in everyday and it's completely complete.  I come home from work that is fulfilling in ways that I have always wanted, and I cook a meal that is yummy and healthy.  I spend time doing some work emailing, or some time watching a favourite show, or some puttering around the apartment to the sound of mellow tunes from my play-list.  I read a book, I play guitar (something that I've gotten back into doing lately), or I cuddle with someone warm and fuzzy.  Who knew crawling inside a pillow case could be so entertaining?  My evening rituals are all so simple.  I'd like to think this calmness that has come over my evenings - even the busy ones - is the simple abundance principles manifesting themselves in my life.

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