Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day... and my new favourite

Gidday... or Gid'evenin'.  I hope that everyone had a great Mother's Day - ours sure was nice.  Despite waking up this morning with several centimeters of snow on the ground, it was melted by the time we returned home from church, and the lilac bushes look no worse for the wear. 

My little brother and I decided to make a very special dinner this evening for my mother and grandmother.  He's been talking all week about using the special dishes, cups and saucers for tea and coffee afterwards, and chocolate mousse in my mother's dessert dishes made from green Depression era glass.  He set the table all up, helped make the mousse, grate the cheese for chicken parmesan, and make sure everyone's plate was served.  He kind of blows me away somedays. 

When I returned to the city this evening to a starving cat and a clean apartment (I puttered most of Saturday at it), I decided to pour a bath, some wine, grab my latest Anita Shreve book, and set up my new favourite: my bath tub caddy.  Ok, it's not nearly as nice as this one available on Etsy, but ever since I saw this idea on Poppytalk's blog, I knew I could do something like this.  I took a shelf out of my bookcase that is literally tumbling down around my ears, and laid it across the tub.  It was perfect!  The perfect end to a great weekend.

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