Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring Sibling Revelry Tour

Spring Sibling Revelry Tour 2008

We didn't take any pictures today, but we did spend the entire day together doing things that only siblings with a seventeen year age difference can do - learning new things, new experiences, and road tripping.  It's something that we tend to do a lot in the summer, but that first trip once the back roads are hard and the landscape is green that is always the most memorable.

We started our day at an estate sale.  William became obsessed with this steamer trunk, and once he learned the history behind the man who owned it, he was totally taken.  He came home with a trunk from a man who fought in WWI and returned to be a school janitor and live a very quiet existence in town.  He was also named William, which made it all the more special.  And everywhere we went on our road trip, he'd tell everyone about his "epic" find.  He's a chatterbox.  Not sure where he gets that from ;)  I scored some nice teaching materials.  The woman to whom everything belonged was a teacher, and she had the most awesome old texts and readers.  Sometimes the old ways really were the best.

We drove with my mother and grandmother to a flea market out in the middle of nowhere.  It's only held a couple times a summer, so it was nice to get out to it.  I grabbed some more Anita Shreve books - hard to believe there are some that I have yet to read.  I'm sure I'll be posting about them shortly.  It's really funny to watch my grandmother in these settings.  She loves to bargain down prices.  It's almost embarrassing if it weren't so comical! 

Will and I finished our day in the city for sushi.  I never would have thought my picky-as-all-get-out brother would enjoy sushi and green tea, but he really does!  He kept saying over and over that he had such a great day.  And this made me realize something: I've become the kind of sister that I've always wanted to be.  It's a nice feeling.

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