Sunday, June 13, 2010

Family Weekend

This weekend, my parents went to a cousin's wedding - my brothers and I went to the reception afterwards - and then they stayed in town and we went out for breakfast and then on to the Museum of Civilization.  It is one of the most interesting places in our Nation's capital - although it really isn't in Ottawa.  After we puttered through the museum, we sat out on the terrace with some cool drinks and enjoyed the view.  I snapped a bunch of pictures of the landmarks across the river - I've got so many to choose from, and Mom wants to print one out in black and white.  Sometimes I don't realize how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful city.  After the museum, I was so exhausted.  It was the most I've done since coming down with pneumonia, but I'm glad I went.  One of my brothers came with us, and he doesn't usually do the outing-thing, so it was extra special that he wanted to come. 

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