Saturday, June 19, 2010

Skydiving Cat

So I have a crazy cat.  She's a smart cat, playful at times, cuddly at times, but crazy through and through.  Last night as I was doing some lesson planning, I heard this scratching noise on the balcony, and then it stopped rather abruptly.  Now, Ruby loves to walk along the outside railing to get to the neighbour's balcony.  She's been doing it for as long as I've lived here.  And I've always thought that one of these days, she'd do something typically crazy and go cartwheeling off the side.  I'm not that high up - second floor.  You know where this story is going now, don't you?  I went outside, peered over the balcony, and meowing back up at me was Ruby.  I marched outside to get her royal pain-in-my-arse, and she sees me coming and begins to roll around on the grass, expecting some belly scratching.  She was sorely mistaken.

I'm now leaving for the local hardware store to buy chicken wire to Ruby-proof my balcony.

Edit: You know that you live in the city when the local hardware store doesn't even carry chicken wire!  Garden netting it is...

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Sara said...

My cat is always getting into cupboards and then not able to get out. She sneaks in without me seeing her. Then she settles in. Hours later, I do frantic search for her. I call her, but no meow. Finally, I will open all the cupboards and eventually there she'll be ...content and waiting for me:~)

I enjoyed this story very much:~)