Friday, June 18, 2010

Tin Soldier

Last August, when I took a student to the Children's Museum, I came across this tin soldier toy.  I mentioned to a staff member there that my grandmother had the exact same one at home, and that it was my grandfather's when he was a child.  She went and looked up the information for me, and photocopied everything for me as well.  She said that it was so nice to have someone get excited about displays that don't generally cause a great deal of excitement... usually kids go into the Children's Museum to play with the boat, the pyramid, the crazy bus, and the litany of other interactive attractions.  The little showcases tend to be ignored.  I wish I had the information in front of me today as I write, but I had given it to my grandmother for safe-keeping.  It's nice to have something like this in our family.  Last weekend, I had the chance to show it to my mother, who was just as excited as I was.  It's nice to know there are some people who are excited about family heirlooms and memories.

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