Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What am I...

My grandmother's white lilac, June 2010

Feeling? Still rather sick.  Coughing like it's my job... it's kinda annoying, actually, but hopefully I'll get another appointment with the doctor and she can sort it out... hopefully!

Loving? I'm always loving so many things!  Right now, as I type, I'm listening to Missy Higgins.  She is so talented.  I'll have to make a music post of one of my favourite songs sooner or later.  Oh, and I just discovered this new website called Shelfari.  It's a site for book lovers to post about books they've read.  Yes, another social networking site, but just for insane book lovers like myself!

Reading? A book called A Vintage Affair, by Isabel Wolf.  I thought it was going to be mindless chick-lit, but it's surprisingly not.  I'd like to finish it tonight, but we'll see.  I'm also working on the second Steig Larsson book: The Girl Who Played with Fire.  It's turning out to be quite good as well.

Wanting? To be healthy again, the repairs to be finished in my apartment, someone to cook my meals cause I can't seem to muster the energy for it... hmm... I'm sensing a lot of illness-induced whininess here!

Dreaming? Ok, maybe it's the meds, but I've had some wicked dreams lately!  I dreamed that these twins from preschool in the mornings were in my car, and one of them decided to drive, and we crashed into a fence, and I had to get a tow-truck, and who should be driving but a skeezy lad I used to date.  Weirdness!

Having? Chamomile tea with lemon.  Yum.

Waiting for? please see above annoyingly whiny posts.

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