Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day Four: North Cape, PEI or "I Can't Help It Mom... My Car Is Attracted To Antique Shops!!"

Today I drove up to the North Cape of the Island to swish my toes in the rocky shore.  It was sublime!  The sights were gorgeous!  The cliffs were so beautiful, and the smell was even great!  This area wasn't very sandy - in fact, the shore was like hardened stone of the most intense sienna red.  The water was also much cooler than it was on the New Brunswick shore - and rougher.  This area has a wind farm, and they were spinning pretty quickly today.

Below are some pictures of a man harvesting Irish Moss.  It is traditionally harvested this way on the rockier shores.  The horse drags a bucket behind him that catches the moss - among other shoreline loving creatures and plants - and then he comes ashore and dumps out the basket.  They take the moss to a warehouse and dry it out before sending it all over the world.  Apparently Irish Moss has many uses: beauty products, cleaning products, health benefits, etc.

Well, as you know, I have an interior compass for antique shops.  So, of course, I found this one.  He was full of goodies, and a lovely man to chat with.  And yes, I did make a purchase.  I'm sure it will make an appearance on this blog sooner or later.  It's quite lovely, really.

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