Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day Six: Lunenburg in the Foggy Evening

Well, it's the last night of my East Coast vacation.  I'm heading for home tomorrow - I'm going to try to get as far as I can in one day, but I'm not going to push it.  I've got the weekend to recover from the drive.

It's a foggy evening in Lunenburg.  There's a fog horn being blasted every few minutes out on the bay.  I watched from a pier as the last sailboat of the day came back into the harbour.  There was a gentle and cool breeze and it was lovely.  Watching the sailboat slowly come into greater focus in the fog was truly beautiful and mysterious.  This is my favourite picture that I took of that moment.

I've learned a lot of things about myself on this vacation.  I learned that I'm completely comfortable alone.  This isn't really big news - I've always been comfortable on my own - but I think what I mean is that I can go ahead and do things on my own that I normally wouldn't have tried.  I've learned that sometimes when you do things at a slower pace, you can savour it and take the time to do it well.  And being away from home makes me appreciate the people and places that I love the most all the more.  Yes, the East Coast is beautiful and dreaming of living here is fun, but like L.M. Montgomery always kept her heart on her island, I'll always keep my heart in the Pontiac.

So I've gone ahead and crossed two items off my list: see more of my own country; and vacation alone.  Well done, Melissa. 

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