Monday, July 26, 2010

Day Three: The L.M. Montgomery Experience or "Why do the Japanese love 'Anne' so much?"

he photos below are from a well-spent afternoon.  I sitting here going over all my pictures from the day, and I still can't quite believe that I'm here and going to places I've only ever read about!  For those of you who don't know, I am an Anne of Green Gables fanatic.  Ever since I was 10 years old and began reading the books, I have dreamed of visiting the real thing and walking along the places where Anne may have trod.  So today was a bit of a dream come true for me, and I loved every minute of it.

Green Gables was much more than I expected.  It's so hard to pick a favourite room, but I think Anne's room was the one I most wanted to curl up in.  Although it's not in this picture, there's a broken slate on the floor.  The house is full of these little touches that make it feel so authentic.  I wandered through the house itself about three times, and wandered the grounds as well.  There are two lovely little trails to follow:  one leading to Montgomery's grandparents' homestead which is only a ruin but was still interesting to see; and the other following a lazy little creek along the fictional 'Lover's Lane.'  And I'm also pretty sure that half the population of Japan was there.  I've always wanted to know what draws the Japanese to Canada's heroine?

After Green Gables, I toured Avonlea Village.  It's a park set to look like the Avonlea from the Anne books, and many of the characters were floating around.  There was so much to do there!  When I arrived, there was a spelling bee going on in the school house, then a concert, then a scene acted out from the Anne books...  It's a really well put together village.  I stopped in at the Cow's Ice Cream Shop onsite and got a cone.  It was there that I saw an old membership catalogue from the Holstein Association dating back to 1916.  In the list of members, I found a relation of my uncle's.  That was pretty cool.

And finally, I had another seafood dinner - this one so much better than last night - here on the shore of Rustico Bay.   I think I have driven into Heaven.  I could seriously live on this island.

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