Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day Two: Driving Through New Brunswick to PEI or "Oh my God... is the entire province of New Brunswick a marsh???"

I must say, the GPS thing has quickly become the bane of my existence!  I guess that it finds the route with the fewest kilometres, whether that means you've got to drive the Trans-Canada, or cut down a cow path. I have since travelled down cow paths in two maritime provinces.  The one here on PEI was much more cow-pathy, though.  It was kinda fun cause I got to see a bit more of the countryside.  I liked that, but it did cause some worry.  What I did find different about N.B. is that the coast is so marshy.  And even along the rivers and what not too.  Driving through Quebec, the St. Lawrence coast is pretty clear, so I was suprised by the difference.  Driving along New Brunswick highways was kinda like driving through the Gatineau Hills.

On the way to Confederation Bridge, I stopped at Murray Corner, N.B. to check out the beach and collect some sand and seashells.  I walked down a rather rustic looking staircase and kicked off my sandals.  The Gulf of St. Lawrence waters were surprisingly warm!!  And the sand was beautiful.

I asked a very lovely woman who was lounging on a sandbar if she could snap this pic of me.  She was from Montreal.  She had taken a lawn chair out past the rocky seaweed shore to a sandbar out a little bit in the water.  I was wishing I had have brought a chair like that with me.  But here I am, feet in the Gulf of St. Lawrence!!

People were out walking along, picking up seashells.  If I had have taken this photo anymore to the right, you'd see the cliff littered with campers.  As I am now, I am installed in the Charlottetown hostel.  I've had a great dinner of fish and chips, and I'm going to read for a bit before turning in.  Tomorrow will be a trip out to Cavendish!

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