Sunday, July 4, 2010

Move Over Bob Villa

There's someone else in town who's been watching all the home improvement shows and thinks he can handle power tools... and he has an assistant.

My little brother rescued the old church door that was destined for a landfill.  He wanted to make something out of it.  So my mother had a plan to turn it into a bench, but also be tall enough to hang coats from.  Enter the master carpenter.  Exit the little brother.  He knows when to duck and run.

She actually made the comment, as I took this picture: "I'm like his scrub nurse," and passed him a screw.  Yep.  She went there.  She compared him to a surgeon.  Paging Dr. Chainsaw!  Luckily, my other brother, with ample brains and experience arrived on the scene shortly after.  It might not be so bad after all.  Maybe I could get a better bookcase made... but I think I want to see a portfolio of successful projects first.

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