Monday, July 5, 2010

Simple Abundance for June

Yes, I'm still plodding along, although I will admit that I've really enjoyed the last two months - well, I generally enjoy anything to do with homemaking.  We're still following the simple abundance principle of order, and especially in the home.  In this month, Ban Breathnach delves into the scents of home, the meditative powers of gardening (which I've been ignoring, compared to last year) and one of my favourite essays in the book so far: Bloom Where You're Planted.

Ban Breathnach talks about being a "late bloomer:" getting married late, having children late, writing her first book late.  Now, she is writing this from the perspective of middle-age, and I'm reading it from the perspective of my late twenties, but I think it's slightly comforting that she's okay with being a late bloomer, as I most assuredly am as well.  She does say something that I'm having a hard time agreeing with though: "We late bloomers can risk more because at this point nobody really expects anything spectacular from us anymore."  I still don't know what to think of this - depressing or uplifting.

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