Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day Seven: Digby to St.John to La Pocatiere; or "You Know What They Say About Best Laid Plans"

I had planned to get as far as I could on my last day, hoping that I could at least get to Quebec City.  When I plugged 'home' into the GPS, it thought I should go through the US - I didn't bring my passport, so that wasn't an option.  So the next most feasible route was to go to Digby, N.S. and take the ferry to St. John.  You know, that GPS thingy makes things sound so easy.  When I got to the ferry, I found out that it was a three hour trip across the Bay of Fundy, and it only leaves twice a day.  I was going to have to wait a few hours, so I went in to Digby for my last seafood lunch and some photos.  I certainly didn't plan for this part of the trip, but I figured it was just another way to see more of the country.

Crossing the Bay of Fundy turned out to be amazing.  I did catch a quick glance at some harbour porpoises doing some little dip and dives as the ferry pushed out into the bay.  The water was really calm, and the ferry gently rocked from side to side.  Lots of people took the opportunity to nap, but I stayed outside for the most part, watching the water.

I got to St. John, N.B. at about 7pm, and hit the road for Quebec.  When in St. John, I finally figured out how to set the GPS to the fastest route, caught the Trans Canada Highway, and made it into La Pocatiere by 11:30pm.  I'm glad that I didn't have it set to that for the drive down because I got to see so much more countryside than I would have.

I drove into Shawville yesterday evening just in time for dinner with the family.  It was nice to be home!

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Sara said...

It sounds like the trip over the water was very nice and relaxing. I certainly enjoyed the pictures.

Isn't it nice when the best laid plans go awry and you discover something new:~)

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!!!