Saturday, August 28, 2010

Night by Elie Wiesel

Just as the New York Times review says, this was "a slim volume of terrifying power."  Spending time at the Jewish Community Centre has taught me so much, but nothing compares to the raw witness this book creates.  It's staggering. 

A couple weeks ago, someone mentioned that while he was working at the JCC, he overheard an altercation between a woman who was using the pool with her family, and a life guard.  She was trying to bend a rule, and the life guard was patiently explaining to her the reasons why she couldn't.  As she walked away from the guard, she muttered loudly enough for people to hear: "mein kampf." 

I'm not Jewish, but I'm respectful.  Hearing about this woman made me want to vomit.  She could use the facilities of the Jewish Community Centre, but be so disrespectful as to say something so hurtful.  I guess I'm just surprised that even with powerful novels of witness, such as Wiesel's 'Night,' some people still harbour resentment.  It's a shameful blemish.

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