Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Isn't this a beautiful picture?  I typed 'thankful' into Google Images.  I just love vintage illustrations.  That smile makes me feel thankful!

So today I had a fabulous meeting with my boss.  We talked about my future with the company, I got a fabulous raise, I got some great direction, some great review about my year with this company.  Did I mention it was a great meeting?  Oh, and hopefully we'll be implementing one of my projects within the next month!  It's just a great day!  And, as my mother said today, it's been a banner week for my family with my brother starting his new and equally amazing job. 

Isn't it amazing to be in that place in your family where you've all found your niche?  Isn't amazing to be in that place in your work where you've found complete happiness and fulfillment?

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