Saturday, August 28, 2010


Another mushy 'I Love My Job' moment... come on, I make them so often, it's a little crazy.  I am so thankful to be working in a job that truly fulfills me.  I am so thankful to be working with people that are interesting, stimulating, kind, and endlessly educate me in the ways of the world!  I learn so much from students, parents, coworkers.  There is always something more to absorb in this field.

I'm starting my second week of holidays.  I'm thankful that I'm working for an organization that values its workers enough to recognize that we need time to recharge.  I've got a moderately busy week planned.  Nothing like my week of holidays on the East Coast, but I will get some downtime.  I'm planning on going to Shawville later in the week. 

I have to say, 2009 was a year of changes for me: work, friendships and even some emotional changes.  2010 has so far been a year of happiness.  I am so blessed.

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